IP Portfolio #938: Hearing Aid, Earpiece, and Headphones

The portfolio includes three issued patents and a pending patent application. Owned by Dr. Linda Dahl, a respected ENT in New York City with over 12 years of experience. Her patents detail developments in the hearing aid/earpiece industry for improved fit, sound, and comfort.

The portfolio details many features that are highly competitive in the growing earpiece market and covers many applications of both hearing aid and earphone feel and functionality. Additionally, the patent portfolio has no encumbrances.

Neopatents has determined that Dr. Dahl’s patent portfolio is highly competitive and allows for significant expansion and development of a patent portfolio in the audio industry. This will allow for multiple licensing, development, and branding opportunities to the owner of the patent portfolio. The following summary report details the patent assets for sale and the market context in which these assets are applicable. To read a more detailed report, click here.

IP Portfolio #921: Closed Captioning, Analytics, and Tags

The IP portfolio covers systems and methods for finding and accessing target content from audio and video content sources, including means and methods for extracting captions from audio and video content sources; searching the captions for a mention of at least one target; extracting audio and video segments relating to the at least one target; delivering extracted audio and video segments to a user device; analyzing the results for target content; thereby providing a method for quickly finding and accessing desired audio and video content from a large number of sources.For more info, visit Crossbarmedia's web site. To read a more detailed report, click here.

IP Portfolio #848: Interactive Online Music Collaboration, Revenue Generation And Distribution

Musicians are moving away from traditional business models and are relying more on social media and streaming services to market their music. Digital/virtual currencies, such as Bitcoin, bring more fairness and transparency to the debate about musicians’ income, and companies are capitalizing on this change by manufacturing “hardware wallets” to encourage the use of virtual currency. This patent portfolio capitalizes on these upcoming trends with IP covering online music composition, collaboration, revenue generation and distribution.
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