What Powers Us

What makes Neopatents unique is the human factor—our fusion of human analysis and technological automation.

Neopatents automates what can be automated—searching, mapping, tagging, and contextually visualizing data—and adds an experienced analyst team to analyze, review and affirm information. Our analysts boast relevant scientific and technological expertise and efficiently apply this experience using our proprietary tools. It's a powerful combination.

Neopatents' software searches an ever-growing patent body. Data is examined by analysts who deliver actionable answers in the form of readily-understandable reports and searchable software capsules, complete with supporting data.

Neopatents' reports are layered to allow for topline understanding along with an easy to navigate software capsule to drill down as deep as necessary into the data, which is always presented in contexts that reveal relationships and insights. The goal is to enable strategic decision-making regarding patents, partnerships, licensing, research and development, and investing opportunities.